Rideshare Green Light Hub Los Angeles

Hi there and welcome to you ubergreenlighthubLosAngeles.com. I have the link beneath here. You will see the address beneath this video. If you go directly to the website and the opening times. They are down on 2400 Marine Avenue in Redondo Beach. They also have another outlet in Burbank that specifically does inspections. Why do people go to a hub? It’s usually for activation and deactivation issues, right. If you go in there to add documentation or anything like that usually, you know, you have your banking details with you, your car registration, your insurance documents and your license. Those are always needed. If you have any general questions, I am available 365 days a year ladies and gentlemen. My email and my number are beneath this video. If you have a question, 99.9% of the time I’m able to give you a good qualified answer because I’ve heard literally every story in the book and I drive in LA so that’s my city. So if you want to know what’s going on in Ventura, in the valleys, in the Malibu beach areas, in the South Bay cities, Hollywood, West Hollywood .If you want to know all the concerts and events and the Rose Bowl, the Amphitheater, the Microsoft Theater, the Forum, the Staples Center, the Greek theatre. I can give you a ton and wealth of information on LA, right. That you might, yeah you’ll get it at the greenlight hub as well but you could save yourself the trip down there. So I’m excited to help you in LA. I’m known as the Rideshare Professor, again my t-shirt says it all 365 baby so reach out and drive safe my friends. I’m excited to help you. Cheers.

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